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Why does staging help sellers sell properties.
June 04, 2020

Why does staging help the seller and the listing agent sell properties?

First of all, being a buyers agent for the last seven years, I have experienced it first hand that most average buyers have no sense of design. This is not a bad thing, however it makes it difficult for the listing agent to sell a vacant property.

In walks the buyer to a vacant property, and he has no imagination on how to set up the property. Where does the couch go? How should I set up the dining room...again with no imagination. In walks the buyer into a property that is fully staged. Voila, the buyers imagination is sparked with all sorts of idea of how they could set up the property for themselves....

Which property do you think will be more appealing?

Statics from the national association of realtors show that staged properties sell 78% faster. This being true, it is a wise listing agent who shares this with their sellers so they can sell the property faster and at a better price.

However, the price and location do also determine the quicker sale. If the price is set correctly, and the location is good, you will find staged properties will give the seller a better price, and give buyers an idea what to dream about when selecting the home for themselves.

Stage the property! You will be delighted that you did!

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