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Wells Fargo Mortgage rate
Brought to by by Dan Bardenhagen of Wells Fargo Home Loans
November 04, 2016

Current Mortgage Rates for MAUI COUNTY, HI
I hope you are having a great day! I've included below a selection of current rates for a few of our many products. I'd be happy to discuss options with you and your client based on their particular needs.

Loan Type MI Type Interest Rate APR
5/1 ARM Conforming  2.875% 3.477%
7/1 ARM Conforming  3.000% 3.436%
30-yr fixed Conforming  3.500% 3.525%
VA 30-yr fixed  3.250% 3.348%

Loan Type MI Type Interest Rate APR
5/1 ARM Non-Conforming  2.750% 3.410%
7/1 ARM Non-Conforming  2.875% 3.355%
30-yr fixed Non-Conforming  3.500% 3.503%
Information displayed is accurate as of 11/4/2016 5:42:57 PM (CT) and is subject to change without notice.
For information on the many other loan options we have available, please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

Dan Bardenhagen

Private Mortgage Banker
Private Mortgage Banking
NMLSR ID 653667

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